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Our customer, a large furniture manufacturer, used to buy a large quantity and a variety of goods from regular or occasional local suppliers. GruppoY proposed to take a leap in the trading chain and buy what they really needed.

STAGE 1Product evaluation

The product was hinges for furniture which does not require in that case to develop a special product For the same reason It was not necessary to send samples or layouts.

STAGE 2Supplier selection

The GruppoY representative in China conducted a search for suppliers and proposed a total of three reliable factories ready to supply this product at competitive price. As an interesting fact, one of those factories was where their old Argentine supplier used to buy Analyzing all the variables, GruppoY chose one of them.

To give the final OK, a witness sample was requested from the supplier and in that way our customer made the final decision.

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STAGE 3Two-way trading contract

Once the witness sample was approved, GruppoY requested a pro-forma invoice. The customer sent the money advance to China and the production started automatically.

GruppoY followed the order status day after day, demanding the agreed delivery times and giving precise instructions to the supplier regarding the packaging and labelling of the boxes to prevent customs problems in Argentina.

STAGE 4Customs documentation control and load

GruppoY carried out an exhaustive control of the original documentation to avoid generating "unnecessary" expenses when the goods are dispatched in the Argentine Customs. These "unnecesary" expenses could be regarding classification and valuation of the merchandise. Our customs agent also collaborated to avoid any kind of contingencies.

STAGE 5Freight selection

GruppoY managed the most competitive freight rate in the market and proceeded to shipping.

STAGE 6Shipping and Customs clearance

Ten days later, the customer sent the balance to the supplier At this stage and with the goods 100% paid, the supplier sent the original documents to GruppoY via courier After checking thoroughly, they were handed over to the customs agent to proceed with the goods nationalization.

Thanks to our team of experts, the load was released by Customs within the stipulated deadlines and our customer could finally receive his first cargo imported from China.

Gruppo Y - Qué Hacemos

FINAL STAGENationalization costs

GruppoY gathered all the documents and invoices and made a thorough analysis of the total cost of the order, including the goods value, commissions, transportation, freight, insurance, etc. In other words, the customer received a report where he could see precisely the final unit cost in Argentine pesos of the product he imported (from the Chinese factory to his warehouse).



Customer pleased with having lowered their costs by more than 40% and having the quality they were expecting for.

Pleased with not having faced any problems at Customs at Customs examination time

Pleased with having all the documentation in order in case Customs requires complementary documentation in relation to the goods valuation.

Pleased because achieving the same economic benefits with their own working structure would have been impossible.

Frequently asked questions

If I'm not a registered importer, Could I still work with GruppoY? Flecha
Of course. We help you out with all the procedures so that you become an importer.
If I'm already an importer, why choose to work with GruppoY? Flecha
Because we have considerable experience in the market and we ensure that every need is addressed efficiently so that you can optimize your cost / benefit results.
I work with my customs agent and my reliable freight forwarder. Do I need to change them in order to work with GruppoY? Flecha
No. GruppoY works with any customs agent, freight forwarder, or both. Even so, we would also like you to consider our proposals.
To work with GruppoY, do I have to hire all your services? Flecha
No. GruppoY offers you solutions where your company needs them. We do not force our clients to change their processes when they work well.
I have a vague idea of what I want to buy, but I'm not sure. What should I do? Flecha
GruppoY also builds business units from scratch. Our local and foreign technical team work together to find the highest quality product at the best price. GruppoY will find the product you need at the best price because buying from regular importers means that you pay more and receive in all cases standard products that you could not choose.

GruppoY will be your eyes in China, your business consultant, your International trade department and will work side by side with your company to become market leaders.

To hire us, explore our Services.

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